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The following websites offer free Christian materials, listed here for the benefit of all:

English Language Websites

Global Christians
Global Christians is a website of course and resources dedicated to empowering churches and "mustard seed ministries" especially in the developing world.

Free Courses A Theological Seminary for Free Online Correspondence Courses!

The New Life Mission

The People of God

A Bible study series for Muslims

The People of God course is prepared for people who know the Quran, but who also want to know something about the Taurat of the Prophet Moses, the Zabur of the Prophet David, other Holy Writings of Prophets, and the Injil of Jesus the Messiah. A variety of groups participated in preparing this course.

This is a Bible study series found on-line that can be downloaded and printed for use. To access it go to You will find a listing of documents that can be downloaded and read. The following documents are associated with this series:

The Bible in Anabaptist Witness among Muslims – An introduction to The People of God series, written by Dr. David Shenk

The Holy Book of God: Is the Bible Trustworthy? Written by Dr. David Shenk

The People of God Series Book 1: The Beginning of People

The People of God Series Book 2: God's Covenant with People

The People of God Series Book 3: God Loves People

The People of God Series Book 4: The People of Faith

French Language Websites

International Christian Resources

La Mission de la Nouvelle vie

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Our Mission Statement

AABS exists to empower the local churches of Africa through helping to establish independently operated Bible schools, providing Biblical teaching resources, and encouraging pastors and leaders.

The Vision of AABS

The Africa Association of Bible Schools is a voluntary association of likeminded independent Bible schools in Africa. By uniting together we can share resources and experience in order to increase our effectiveness in teaching believers and training ministers.
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